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Florida Backcountry Charter Service St. Johns River Wildlife Safaris Largemouth Bass Saltwater Flats

Florida Backcountry Charter Service offers something for everyone! Located right in the middle of Central Florida, the professional guides offer fishing and nature charters throughout Merritt Island Nature Refuge and surrounding areas. This includes:

  • Light tackle angling in Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River Lagoon, and Banana River Lagoon for saltwater gamefish.
  • St. Johns River, Ocala National Forest, and Stick Marsh/Farm 13 for Largemouth Bass.
  • St. Johns River for a Wildlife Safari, either by power boat or airboat.



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Merritt Island Nature Refuge

Sheltered by the barrier island known as the Canaveral National Seashore, the Merritt Island Nature Refuge makes you feel as if you've stepped back a hundred years. Miraculously escaping development, it is a primitive vision of native Florida. The 200,000 acres of pristine mangrove shoreline and lagoon waters are home to over 700 species of fish, 310 species of birds, and many rare and endangered animals. These endangered animals include manatees, bald eagles, roseate spoonbills, sea turtles, alligators and wood storks. The refuge is a key wintering ground for waterfowl, supporting populations of in the tens of thousands of ducks, coots, gulls and terns, and approximately 2000 raptors.

You can visit by water, by land, and by auto. Both the hiking path and the auto path are marked with plaques that identify and describe the native plants and animals. Explore mud flats, marsh and other animal habitats.

Captain Ron Rebeck observes that the diverse refuge is like an oasis amid the surrounding development - like a miniature Everglades.

"We see white pelicans, manatees, dolphins, and even flamingos on some days. In places, the water is as clear as anywhere in Florida"

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Angling Adventures

In addition to standard half day and full day charters, Florida Backcountry Charter Service offers several Angling Adventure packages. Below are some examples of their more popular packages, but if you want something a little different, a personalized trip can be designed just for you! Fish for Snook, Seatrout, Tarpon, Bass, Redfish, Stripers, Ladyfish, Shark, Jacks and more! For an angling adventure you'll never forget, contact Capt. Ron Rebeck .

Saltwater Flats Fishing on the Lagoons
You can sightfish for Trophy Redfish, Spotted Seatrout and more on the clear shallows of the Indian River, Mosquito and Banana River Lagoons that surround the Kennedy Space Center. These waters have produced the majority of IGFA world records for both species.
Three Day Florida Slam
  • One day in pursuit of Largemouth Bass using wild shiners.
  • One day of stalking the flats for gator Seatrout and bull Redfish on the lagoons. Combine the elements of hunting and fishing as your guide quietly maneuvers across the clear, subtropical shallows.
  • One day of deep sea fishing on the deep blue Atlantic. Here the possibilities are as deep and wide as the Gulf Stream itself. All in a days' fishing you could battle Sailfish, Grouper, Shark, Snapper......
Florida on the Fly
Two days of saltwater flats fishing, followed by one day of sweetwater flyfishing for Florida Largemouth Bass and Bluegill make this a most enjoyable trip for the flyfisher yearning for new challenges and plain old fun! Flyfishing for Redfish is just as demanding as Bonefish, and a knowledgeable guide is a definite prerequisite to success on the lagoons. Some of the most productive and scenic waters await the flyfishing enthusiast! Two days freshwater and one day saltwater packages are also available.

Standard 1/2 day and full day fishing trips are available, but if you have a special request, be sure to contact Capt. Ron Rebeck . And don't forget to check out your Professional Guides!


All standard full day saltwater fishing charters include top-notch guide, fishing license, bait, tackle, ice, drinks, snacks, rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent and instruction if necessary for up to two persons. Lunch available with prior notice. Airboat Wildlife Safaris include hearing protection.

Please Note! For freshwater fishing, a Florida fishing license must be purchased. Your guide cannot provide one for you. A non-resident 7-day license can be purchased at most bait and tackle shops for approximately $16.50.

Price of license subject to change

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Happy Clients with Beautiful Snook and Redfish!

See the Photo Album!

The Photo Album has several pictures of moderate size.


Professional Guides

Captain Jon Cave, Captain Ron Rebeck and Captain Kent Gibbens
Your professional guides for light tackle saltwater flats fishing. Guiding anglers through Central Florida's lagoon system for over 15 years, these captains have impressive credentials.
Captain Don Davies
Airboats are a craft uniquie to Florida, and nothing can compare! Experience a St. Johns River Wildlife Safari on your choice of power boat or airboat. Capt. Don is a reserve officer with Florida Game and Fish Commission in addition to being a licensed alligator handler!
Captain David Gaines
A recognized Bass expert, Capt. David was born and raised in the heart of Big Bass country. He has been guiding Bass anglers for 10 years, and worked with the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission for over 18 years.

These guides are professionals and are highly qualified. For an adventure to remember for a lifetime, go Backcountry! Come and share our Great Outdoors!


Florida Backcountry Charter Service
East Central Florida
E-mail Capt. Ron Rebeck
Toll-Free to Florida Backcountry Charter Service: 1-800-932-7335
Local Phone to Florida Backcountry Charter Service:1-407-668-5516

Please mention the Florida Captains' Page when calling or e-mailing!



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