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Captain Robert R. Moore has over 20 years fishing experience in the Charlotte Harbor and surrounding locations, which include Punta Gorda, Pine Island, world-famous Boca Grande area. A Port Charlotte native, Capt. Robert is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most highly sought after guides in the area. He is member of the Charlotte County Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), Burnt Store Guides Association and an active member of the Southeast Fisheries Science Tarpon Tagging Program. Capt. Robert's tournament participations are numerous and include various local Tarpon and Flats tournaments, including the Red-Snook series held yearly in Charlotte Harbor.

In addition to being one of the region's premier fishing guides, Capt. Robert has been a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the Iona McGregor Fire Department since 1990. He is a member of the department's Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Team and Fire Boat Operations.



Capt. Robert offers Flats and Backcountry and Tarpon charters aboard his 20' flats skiff, Fish On II!. For a different perspective, try some Night Fishing! For your added convenience, Capt. Robert offers pickups and dropoffs at several popular locations. Young anglers are welcome, so bring the kids and make this a great family vacation! During season, get in some world class Tarpon fishing! For more information or to book your charter, contact Capt. Robert!



Capt. Robert encourages catch and release.


Fish On II!

Capt. Robert's Custom Flats Boat; Manufactured By ActionCraft

This high performance flats boat has earned its name! Fish On II! was manufactured in April of 2000 and is a 20' ActionCraft flats skiff powered by a 200HP VMAX Yamaha engine. With a Motorguide Great White trolling motore, large customized decks with back rest and a 10' custom made tower, this boat really enhances your ability to find and see fish along shorelines and sandbars - not to mention being ablt to stpot rolling Tarpon at great distances. All these features make Fish On II an outstanding fishing machine. Paired with Capt. Robert's knowledge and experience, you've got a winning team!


Night Fishing!



Night Fishing offers a different perspective on fishing in Charlotte Harbor and can sometimes be a very productive method in fishing for gamefish. During the Winter months the nights are cool and can offer some fantastic Snook action in and along the local canal systems fishing lighted docks and bridges. During the late spring & summer months when the sun starts to fall and the moon rises, the Tarpon action becomes explosive along the shadow lines of the local bridges that cross Upper Charlotte Harbor. Snook & Tarpon are nocturnal feeders and sometimes feed better at night depending on the tide and moon phase.



Capt. Robert offers two types of night trips:

Night Snook Fishing: During the winter months, Snook look for refuge in the deep water canal systems along Upper Charlotte Harbor and can offer an exciting alternative to fishing snook during the day. Live shinners, jumbo shrimp, finger mullet and artificial baits are the best bets. Tides dictate the success of fishing for snook, therefore there is limited nights available for this type of fishing. Contact Capt. Robert for the best nights available.

Night Tarpon Fishing: Night fishing for Tarpon in the late spring and summer months is truly an experience everyone should experience. The nights are cool and comfortable following the typical afternoon thunderstorms and with the right tides the Tarpon action can only be described as unbelievable. A shadow line is formed from the lighted bridges that cross over Charlotte Harbor which can create a buffet for feeding Tarpon as bait fish are swept through. There is a wide range on the size of Tarpon during night fishing with the average Tarpon weighing in at 25lbs. But the possibility of hooking a 100lb+ Tarpon is always a definite possibility. Live and artificial baits & possibly a fly are the best bets. As with snook, tides dictate the success for Tarpon. Contact Capt. Robert for the best nights available during the late spring and summer months to fish for Tarpon.


Flats, Backcountry, Inshore



Captain Robert offers flats, backcountry, and inshore charters in and around the Port Charlotte area. While specializing in light tackle, flyfishing is available upon request. An expert at fishing for Tarpon, he also guides you to Snook, Redfish, Shark and Trout in the Fantastic Flats. During Tarpon season, get in some World Class Tarpon fishing in the Boca Grande area . He is experienced in many different angling methods and uses natural bait or artificials, as required. For a charter to remember, contact us at the Florida Captains' Page.


A Beautiful Snook in the Backcountry of Charlotte Harbor!



Tarpon Fishing


One of the best kept secrets in Southwest Florida is how great the Tarpon Fishing is in Upper Charlotte Harbor during the summer months. The secret is getting out though as many guides are now traveling from as far as Tampa Bay, Orlando, Naples and other areas of Florida just to fish Charlotte Harbor for the magnificent Silver King. As a native to Charlotte Harbor, Capt. Robert has been fishing this area for Tarpon for over 10 years and is known by many as the "Tarponman".




Capt. Robert offers several types of Tarpon Fishing in this area:


Upper Charlotte Harbor & River Tarpon Fishing: Fish the darkened waters of Charlotte Harbor, Peace River or Myakka River for Tarpon Ranging in size from 40-150 lbs. Live Bait, pass crabs or artificial baits offer a variety of fishing methods. Sight fishing for rolling Tarpon or drifting live baits through schools of roaming fish are the best bets. The months May through September are traditionally the best months for this type of fishing.

Light Tackle Tarpon Fishing: Fishing around bridges & local canal systems using light tackle for Tarpon ranging in size from 10-40 lbs. These frisky and fun to catch juvenile Tarpon are best taken on live or artificial baits using light weight tackle. The months May through September are traditionally the best months for this type of fishing.

Beach Tarpon Fishing: Sight fish the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico for rolling and "daisy chaining" Tarpon using live bait, pass crabs or artificial baits. Average size ranges from 60-150 lbs. The opportunity for this type of fishing is short and the month of May is traditionally the best month.

Since it involves the magnificent Silver King each of the above types of fishing is unique and exciting and will certainly challenge anyone's angling skills.




Shark Fishing

June through August

Fish for Blacktips, Bonnettheads and more in Charlotte Harbor. Captain Robert's Shark trips are Catch & Release only, and a beautiful 8 x 10 photograph of your catch will be provided at no extra cost! Available in 3/4 or Full day trips only.



Capt. Robert R. Moore
Port Charlotte, FL
Email Capt. Robert Moore
Pager: 941-490-4873
Please mention the Florida Captains' Page when calling or e-mailing!



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